In February 2019, the Decoding Origins team had the pleasure of travelling to sunny Freetown, Sierra Leone to conduct research, train, and work closely with archivists in the Sierra Leone Public Archives. Located at Freetown's Fourah Bay College, the archives contain a wealth of historical documents, maps, and slave registers, dating from the late-eighteenth century onward. Over the course of a week, the team worked on digitizing sources and trained both the archivists and the research assistants on proper digitization techniques. This visit was extremely beneficial to both the Decoding Origins team and the archivists, establishing a relationship with the Sierra Leone Public Archives and discussing future initiatives and partnerships. These kinds of archives are special and need all the support they can get, as they contain a huge amount of important history that remains largely unstudied. The archivists work extremely hard to maintain the records and they have a genuine passion for their country's history. They were welcoming and accommodating to the team, working hard to make our time there as productive as possible. Everyone had a great time and learned much from one another, looking forward to growing the relationship between Canada and Sierra Leone even more. The Decoding Origins team would like to thank the archivists, especially Aiah Yendeh, Joanes Allan Caulker, Abu Koroma, and Mr. Albert Moore.