Enslaved MSU

By: Michael McGill
The Decoding Origins team attended and presented at Michigan State University's Enslaved conference on March 8th and 9th, 2019. The talk was presented by Decoding Origins lead investigator Katrina Keefer, and research assistant Kartikay Chadha, and was titled: "The Language of Marks: A Web-portal for Trans-Atlantic slave trade data collection, visualization and transcription. "The presentation was a general overview of the entire project, providing an opportunity for conference attendees to engage with the team members and ask questions. Once again, the team was able to reinforce and form new connections with scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds. Hosted by Matrix, the conference had a strong focus on digital humanities and the benefits of those digital technologies in the historical field, especially in regard to the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The Decoding Origins team would like to thank Matrix, Dean Rehberger, and everyone at MSU for putting this conference together!