Team Barbecue

By: Michael McGill
Sometimes even hard workers need to unwind! Earlier this month, the Decoding Origins team got together for a meeting in Peterborough that was more laid-back than most. The team spent the majority of the afternoon brainstorming some exciting possibilities about the crossroads of history and digital technologies. We looked at examples of user-friendly, engaging, and intuitive uses of historical inquiry in popular media, focusing on how media developers depict history and where large-scale explorations of history can improve. The team was very excited with the rich ideas developed in regard to how best to engage the non-academic world with academic ideas and accurate historical representation. Afterward, the team celebrated another year of the project with a relaxing barbecue in the backyard. Lots of food was eaten, music was played, and the team enjoyed relaxing in the shade (trying to avoid the heat of the summer)! Sometimes it's important to take a break, reflect on the exciting opportunities of the future, and just enjoy some good food with great people.