In May 2019, the Decoding Origins project was lucky enough to send four of its members to present at the Canadian Association of African Studies conference in Montreal, Quebec! Team members Dr. Katrina Keefer and Kartikay Chadha presented on the Decoding Origins project, talking about its importance to tracing histories and identities in the transatlantic slave trade, as well as new potentials for studying history in the digital age. Eric Lehman presented his paper, entitled "Imagining a Archive," in which he discussed the ways we think about, or struggle to come to grips with, the role of the archive in understanding pre- and post-colonial knowledge from different cultural perspectives. Finally, Mike McGill presented his paper, titled "Travelling Digitally," where he talked about the useful, and often underutilize, opportunities presented by new and emerging digital technologies in the study of specifically precolonial and early modern African history. The team had an amazing time at the conference and would like to thank their friends and collaborators for making the experience even better. Special thanks is also due to the University of Quebec for organizing the conference, as well as to the Governor Hotel for generously hosting the weekend-long event.